Here’s How Weight Affects Your Sciatica Pain

There it is again. The much-dreaded electric bolt of pain that starts in your lower back and travels down one side of your bottom and your leg, straight to your foot. Welcome to the condition known as sciatica. It’s a plague that’s hard to comprehend unless you’ve had personal experience.  

You’ve taken pain relievers, massaged your leg, and in your weaker moments, tried to wish the pain away, all to no avail.

Your next (painless) move should be contacting Dr. Chris Blaha at Motion Medical Center, whose expertise in chiropractic care extends to athletes, children, and most importantly, the sciatica sufferer of any age or condition. 

What exactly is sciatica?

Sciatica is a painful condition that results from pressure put on the sciatic nerve. It starts at the base of your spine and can go straight down your hip, buttock, leg, and right into your foot. Either side of your body can be affected, too. 

Sciatica discomfort can also include a “pins and needles” sensation or even numbness throughout the length of the nerve. In short, sciatica is no picnic. It can force you to limit doing activities you love like gardening or running and even shorten the length of time you can comfortably sit in a chair, which could affect your work.

The pain from sciatica is varied, too. It can be severe and shooting or persistent and dull. It can affect just your hip or the back of your thigh, or radiate down the entire length of your leg. Whether you struggle with sciatica is long or just started recently, it’s time you got relief.

There are numerous causes of sciatica, and weight is a biggie

There are quite a few causes of sciatica — some are easily modifiable, and others aren’t. They include: 

  • Work that requires strenuous physical tasks, such as lifting heavy objects
  • Too much sitting, either at work or at home
  • Advancing age
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Pregnancy

A significant cause that may be the most common of all is excess weight. If you’re overweight or obese, those pounds put significant pressure on your spine and therefore raise your risk of an attack of sciatica. 

Even worse, the weight hinders your healing from a sciatica event and contributes to systemic inflammation, a condition in which the positive and protective physiological response of episodic inflammation becomes chronic, inappropriate, and harmful. 

A sensible, safe solution for sciatica: Chiropractic treatment

Dr. Blaha and the entire Motion Medical Center team want to help you deduce why you’re suffering from sciatica. In order to find answers so Dr. Blaha can create your thorough and personalized treatment plan, the first step will be recording your pain history and experience.

We’ll perform a range of evaluative tests, and you might need imaging tests as well. Once we have the clearest understanding of your sciatica possible — most importantly the origin of your pain — you’ll start receiving treatment that’s gentle, minimally invasive, and safe. 

You may undergo electric nerve stimulation, which helps to lessen swelling among other benefits, spinal traction therapy, which decompresses the spine, or heat treatment and cold laser therapy that increases blood flow and reduce inflammation respectively, to address pain. 

We’ll support you with counseling on lifestyle changes you can make that will stop your sciatica pain in its tracks, including nutritional, exercise, and rehab advice with the goal of helping you lose weight. 

No matter what plan Dr. Blaha builds for you, it will be aimed at not only easing and eliminating your pain from sciatica, but preventing it from recurring so “sciatica-related anxiety” exits your range of emotions permanently. 

Move toward the best care for your sciatica

Our practice’s name says it all: Everyone at Motion Medical Center wants you back in motion, ASAP!

Start your journey to a life free from sciatica pain and more robust overall health by calling our office or making an appointment using our convenient online booking tool

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